About The KIWI Token

What is KIWI?

The KIWI is a utility token, rather than a security. The KIWI will be used as the preferred payment method in exchange of all products, services and tools being developed by Liberation Online as well as a growing number of other businesses.

The KIWI is an open source mineable ERC20 / ERC918 token. The KIWI is a currency that anyone can mine, buy and sell. The KIWI is also going to be the only accepted currency for a new ICO model being developed by Liberation Online that will bring a new standard in fairness and transparency when it comes to raising funds on the blockchain.

Liberation Online will be developing products and services for the benefit of all. These will all be powered by KIWI.

Why a mineable token?

We believe a mineable ERC-918 / ERC-20 compliant currency is the fairest model of token creation currently available. As the developers we have to mine the coin just like anyone else. There is no pre-mine! No air drops! No Stashes, No ICO! No Surprises!

Key Projects

We have 5 key projects that we will be developing over the coming months. These 5 projects are:

  5. LENS

Each of these projects will require KIWI to operate. We will release more details on each of these projects shortly, in the meantime here is a small rundown on each of the projects.


Avatar puts you back in control of your online identity! You should be able to access the internet freely without having to give up your personal information. Your unique blockchain address is the key to an internet that you want! Read more about AVATAR


Bounty is a better crowd funding platform that lets you influence what should be developed next. Developing products based on demand.


No more managers. Work together and profit together. Mentor is the fairer way of working. No more ‘Bosses’ telling you what to do.


Verified protects your assets at all times. Asset ownership and protection easily managed and secured on the blockchain.


Lens is a new conceptual service that we will be investigating more over the next few months. It is a way for you to be able to buy directly from advertising that you see in magazines, on billboards etc using crypto.